Match Fit LLC Privacy Policy


Match Fit LLC. ("PracticumFit", “InternFit”, "we", "us", "our") is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information entrusted to us by our users. This Privacy Policy applies to websites (,, including all pages, sub-pages, and successor pages (collectively, the "Website"), owned and operated by Match Fit LLC.

We may periodically update this Privacy Policy, and reserve the right to make additions, deletions, and modifications without notice. All such changes will be effective upon posting to the website. The date of last update is posted at the bottom of this page, and you may refer to this date to determine whether these terms have recently been updated. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about this policy, please email us at, and we will do our best to address your concerns.

Account Access and password protection

All information you input on this site, and that is associated with your account by relationships with other users, is protected by your account identity and password. Your account will grant access to different features on this site, depending whether you are a student or school/site/program administrator, and prevent access to your information by unauthorized users. The access rules are set by your matching organization, and implemented by us.

Please protect your account by keeping your password secure. We do not recommend ever sharing your password with any person, including your school administrator. If you forget your password, please reset it using the link on the login page. If you lose access to the site for some reason and need help accessing your account, please contact us at

Should you wish to completely remove your information from our site, please contact to delete your account. Rules for withdrawal from the match are set by your matching organization and enforced by our site implementation. Generally, if we receive your request sufficiently in advance of your match, we will be able to fulfill your request. If not, we may need to retain your account to maintain the integrity of the match process.

In no case will deleting your account allow you to break a match or receive a refund after the closing of the ranking window. If you wish to withdraw from the match, please refer to your organization’s match policy.

Information we collect, and how we use it

Information collected as a part of site function:
We track user login data, browser type, and IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of all visitors to the site, regardless of whether you log in or not. This allows us to manage your login and account securely, as well as to understand overall site usage and monitor for any external interference or internal problems.

We may also track and record the activity of individual users, in order to provide smooth service, understand site usage, investigate software issues or possible site misuse, and help users with trouble tickets.

Information input by users:
Data input by users is securely stored, and made available to other users, according to the rules set by your match organization. This includes information manually typed or selected by users, as well as site and school information imported or carried over from previous match years. The purpose of this information is to allow students to match to internship or practicum sites, while schools and consortia oversee and regulate the match process pursuant to the match rules.

With the exception of match rankings and match results, most site and school information is available to users. This will allow students and schools to review sites, and allow users to contact sites and schools participating in the match. We will use this information to monitor site function, and assist users with help inquiries.

With the exception of rank order lists, most student information is made available to the student’s school administrators (e.g. your Director of Clinical Training), to sites with whom you choose to share your data, and to your match organization’s administrators. Schools will use this data to oversee your match process and may approve or restrict which sites you can apply to, and may be able to see which sites you have applied to and ranked. Sites will use data you share with them to evaluate you for employment. We will use this information to monitor site function, and assist with help inquiries.

Rankings for the match are never shared with other users, unless we need to resolve a dispute; in this case we may share the minimum amount of data necessary to resolve the matter. For student users, no one except you will see the order in which you ranked sites. For training sites, ranking data can only be viewed by authorized administrators of that training site or matching organization.

Match results are individually released to the site, school, and student involved in the match. After the match, anonymized statistics are generated about the match and may be publicly distributed. We will use this information only to report on general trends in the match process, monitor site function, and assist users with help inquiries.

Payment information:
We rely on an external commercial credit card service to process transactions, and do not use or store your payment information internally. Instead, our site directs you to payment service, which processes your payment and informs us when the payment is successful. We then only store the amount and date/time of your payment.

How we store your information:

MatchFit uses enterprise-level web hosting services to run the site and securely store your information.

Collected information is stored partly on your computer (for example, in cookies, and/or your browser cache), and on our secure cloud-based servers. Data is regularly backed up on the server, and periodically backed up to MatchFit’s local storage. The purpose of the data storage is to both run site operations, and maintain a regular backup in case of malfunction. The purposes of local MatchFit storage is to maintain an emergency backup in a second location, and to debug and improve site function. Generally, all site functionality uses data stored online unless we need to restore data from a backup.

How we share your data with other users:

Data is shared as agreed with the match organization you are participating through, and used internally by MatchFit for site maintenance and user support, and with the supporting services we contract with to operate our platform (Heroku for web hosting, Amazon Web Services for document storage, Stripe for payment processing, and ZenDesk for support tickets). In no case do we share user-identifiable data outside our web services or MatchFit other than as specified above, nor do we sell user data for any purpose.

Student data:
Your school will be able to access most of your information to oversee and regulate your match process, with the exception of your Rank Order List. Depending on the rules of your match, this means that they may be able to review your account status or application materials, review and approve which sites you can apply to, and see your final match results. Neither schools nor sites will have access to your rankings, but schools may be able to see which sites you have applied to or ranked.

School data:
School profile information is accessible only to the administrators of the matching organization and to us for providing support for our services.

Site data:
Site profile data will be available to most users. In some cases your matching organization may make this profile data publicly available. Track information and openings will be available to most users, but schools may limit what tracks their students can view and apply to. For each match, the associated student and school will have access to data concerning that match. Only authorized administrators will have access to your specific rankings of students, though the number of rankings and matches you have made for each track may be made available to the matching organization and other users following the match.

Legal Limitations:

Notwithstanding the above, we will comply with subpoenas from legitimate legal authorities to access current and past account information stored on our sites. In case of an investigation by a matching organization or school, or a match dispute, we will disclose limited data, only to the extent necessary to resolve the matter. If further resolution is required, we will implement the decision of the matching organization.

Last updated: November 20, 2020